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Aqua Journal Vol. 150

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Aqua Journal Vol. 150 "Learning from Nature - Yakushima" Yakushima is a small island separated from southernmost tip of Kyushu mainland, Japan by a 60km strait, where a very diverse flora is observed. The article focuses on valuable lessons we learned about the principle of the Nature Aquarium - a sense of nature, from the rich natural environment of the island through our visit. Listen to the voice of "Jomon-sugi" (ancient indigenous Japanese cider) and the forests surviving from island's harsh climate... Also in this issue, the NANO Aquatic Plants Layout Contest in Thailand is featured; the contest organizer, Mr. Thana Thanapalin, gives us an overview of the contest and its result.
  • Total # of page: 58
  • Format: 9"x12"
  • Language: Japanese
  • Issue Date: Apr, 2008

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