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New plant/moss shipment arrival Announcement!

November 19, 2014

Dear value customers,
Good news for everyone!
We just received the new shipment of aquatic plants and moss:
There are many new plants available now!
Please check out the following link.
To order the plants, please click here:


The book of Aqua design amano 2014 is in stock now!

August 14, 2014

The latest general product catalog "THE BOOK OF AMANO" is finally released after 4 years. The catalog covers all the ADA products and a number of beautiful aquascapes created by Takashi Amano. This catalog is a must for all Nature Aquarium fans!

Size: 218 mm(H) x 297 mm(W)
Total 178 pages in full colors

Click HERE to Order

New container shipment has arrived!

August 11, 2014

Our new container shipment has arrived! We have large amount of Aqua soil in stock now as well as most sizes of Cube garden aquariums and other out of stock items are available again!

New layout material - SLIM WOOD just arrived in limited quantity!

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Beginner's instructional material for ADA products is available

June 24, 2014

To download the ADA's new digital leaflet "Let's start with A", please click here:


April 20, 2014

[ADAview] THE MOVIE OF AQUA DESIGN AMANO [ side:layout ]

April 19, 2014

[ADAview] THE BOOK OF AQUA DESIGN AMANO Promotionfilm Nr. 2

April 13, 2014


April 08, 2014

Free shipping offer! 20th Anniversary LILY PIPE P-4/P-6 (13mm)

March 14, 2014

Clearance sale! Buy any set of LILY PIPE OUTFLOW P4(13MM) or P6(13MM) 20TH Anniversary edition and we will ship to you for free! Offer good while supplies last!

New plants available!! Rotala H'RA, Rotala Ceylon and more!

March 13, 2014

We have just added some new varieties of plants. One of our favorite is the Rotala H'RA, a stunngingly beautiful stem plant from Veitnam that displays bright orange red color under proper condition, it is a new and exciting plant for aquascaping. Available now only at Aqua forest Aquarium!

To order your new plants, click here: Plant department

To order your Rotala H'RA, click here: Rotala H'RA

IAPLC 2013 Contest Booklet is IN STOCK now!

February 06, 2014

This years International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest has received 2,164 submissions from 57 countries and areas. And now, all those beautiful and magnificent works are available in the contest booklet. It has the beautiful poster image of the IAPLC 2013 on the cover page. This booklet showcases every entry work of the IAPLC2013, and is a great collection of various Nature Aquarium styles along with detailed comment on each top prize winning layout by IAPLC juries. It gives inspiration and great ideas to the hobbyists of all levels.

[Item] The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Book 2013
[Code] 109-533
[Language] English and Japanese

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NATURE AQUARIUM CALENDAR 2014 is available now!

February 06, 2014

ADA released voluminous SUIKEI (aquascape) calendar for the year 2014. It contains 13 pages (double the volume) of dynamic planted aquarium photos with great details. Nature Aquarium Calendar will brighten up your room in the year to come!

All pictures in this calendar were taken with large format films 4x5 inch. (about 10.00 x 12.50cm) by Takashi Amano.You can enjoy beautiful SUIKEI images throughout the year.


Super Jet Filter ES-150 (Spin Type) is in stock now!

November 23, 2013

ES-150 brings Super Jet Filter's excellent filtration capability and a fine robust body, yet has a morecompact figure and reduced flow rate. It's an ideal canister filtration system that provides efficientfiltration of Nature Aquarium in small-size aquariums.


October 28, 2013

PRO-TOOL BAG is a brand new item just released by ADA, it is designed to enable easy access and storage of layout tools (the bag can hold approx. 10 layout tools). Wear the bag on your waist with the attachable waist belt to take in and out the tools smoothly. Quick drying, and can be used for storing your layout tools for a long period of time.

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New cosmatic sand_Colorado Sand (2kg & 8kg) are both in stock

October 24, 2013

It is the cosmetic sand with natural reddish color. It brings out the green color of aquatic plants, enables to create the natural feeling in a layout. By placing in a thin layer, it is also good for growing Wabi-kusa in submerged form.

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New layout material_Unzan stone is in stock now in various sizes

October 24, 2013

Unzan stone is a skillfully processed stone with volcanic texture and natural looking pockets carved into the stone, allowing for inserts of aqua soil amazonia and aquatic plants, Simply place some aqua soil amazonia into the pocket and plant your favorite type of carpeting plant inside - giving you an incredibly natural and zen like layout. As it is available in various sizes, it can be used for many different aquascaps in various tank sizes.

Click here to order Now!

New layout material_San Sui stone is in available now!

October 21, 2013

San Sui Stone is volcanic stone like Koke Stone, yet this layered stone gives more natural impression and brings an image of landscapes in San Sui paintings.With its unique appearance, the stone can add totally new and different characteristics to your Iwagumi style layout.San Sui Stones moderately rough texture prevents the stones from collapsing inside aquariums and can be used for a variety of layout compositions.

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Super Jet Filter ES-300 (Lily Type) In stock now!

October 17, 2013

The new model compatible with a small-size aquarium is now introduced to ADAs Super Jet Filter series. SUPER JET FILTER ES-300 has excellent filtration capability, despite its compact form, and works well for aquarium sizes up to 60 liters (16 US gal.). ES-300 has a fine, robust stainless-steel body which is professionally handcrafted, and assures enhanced performance.

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Beautiful Niigata - A Record for Future Generation, In Stock Now

October 17, 2013

Takashi Amano captures the moments of rich natural landscapes, and those graceful images are re-created and presented in some of his great aquarium layout works.
His latest photo album, "Beautiful Niigata", containing beautiful scenery of his hometown, Niigata prefecture, is now released. Niigata and her precious natural landscapes have cultivated and inspired Amano's creativity. There lies the origin of his layout making principles and philosophy.
The photo album can be a treasure chest of layout ideas for planted aquarium hobbyists!

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AQUA SOIL series with new package designs and QR code!

May 04, 2013

The AQUA SOILAMAZONIA package has been revised. The new package design ofAMAZONIA no longer has a mark "NEW", but the content is exactly same as NEW AMAZONIA. Its powder type, Aqua Soil - Amazonia Powder type, now has a new gold-color product logo. * Amazonia Normal type comes with an orange-color product logo on the package.

Because all the products of Aqua Soil series are produced from natural soil, you might find a small amount of minerals, such as quartz, contained inside the products. Under ADA's quality control, each production lot goes through sampling inspection. We ensure the product quality and make sure that these minerals won't affect water quality of aquarium before supplying these products to your country.

LILY PIPE SPIN P-1, SPIN P-2 & Mini V-2 are in stock now!

March 25, 2013

Lily Pipe Spin was designed specifically for 45cm wide aquarium and smaller. It creates a circling flow of water inside its loop section, and slows the speed of water flow. Install this pipe to Super Jet Filter ES-300, and it will be the best filtration system for small size planted aquariums.

The inflow pipe, LILY PIPE Mini V-2 (55mm longer than the Mini V-1), which is compatible with the aquarium size 22 - 30cm of depth, it's the perfect length for the Cube garden 45P.

Please click here: For more detail on the Lily pipe inflow Spin P-1(10mm)

Please click here: For more detail on the Lily pipe inflow Spin P-2 (13mm)

Please click here: For more detail on the Lily pipe outflow Mini V-2(13mm)