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About Planted Aquarium


CO2 Supplementation FAQs
The addition of CO2 is key to the successful creation of an aquatic plant layout in an aquarium. In some cases, depending upon the type and quantity of plants, aquatic plants can be grown without adding CO2 to the aquarium, but if you wish to cultivate caulescent* or other aquatic plants that require full sunlight, CO2 will be an indispensable element of the layout. Let's look at some common questions and concerns regarding CO2.


Lighting FAQs
Lighting plays two important roles in an aquatic plant layout. Firstly, it promotes the healthy growth of the plants. Secondly, it beautifully illuminates the plants and fish, showing them off at their most splendid. An understanding of these two functions forms the basis for decisions on the optimum type and brightness of lighting for aquatic plant layouts. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding to lighting.


Filtration System FAQs
The filtration system, whose job it is to purify the water in the aquarium, is an essential component from the standpoint of maintaining the health of the fish and the beauty of the aquatic plant layout. The devices generically referred to as "filters" are actually quite varied in terms of the mechanisms they employ, but in most cases, the kind best suited to an aquatic plant layout is the external filter. Let's consider some of the issues involved in deciding how to optimize filtration.


Aquarium Bed FAQs
When raising aquatic plants in a tank, the most important thing to keep in mind is your vision of how you'd like the aquarium bed to appear. Nature Aquariums employ a wide variety of bed materials, enabling the hobbyist to create myriad bed arrangements by combining these materials in different configurations. This makes aquarium bed preparation very interesting at the same time that it makes it a challenge.


Fertilizer and Supplement FAQs
In addition to light and CO2, aquatic plants need nutrients to grow. Power Sand used as substrate will supply some nutrients, but this will not cover all the nutritional requirements of the plants. You will also need to give the plants a liquid fertilizer daily to make up for any nutritional deficiencies. Here are some of the common questions regarding plant nutritional needs.


How to Layout Making Manual (English Version)
A useful guideline for anybody who would like to start an “Amano Style” nature planted aquarium. It includes many tips and graphic demonstrations that teach you how to design your own aquascape layout in 6 easy steps.


Lily Pipe & Metal Jet Pipe Size Matching List
A useful guideline for selecting the right size Lily Pipe, Metal Jet Pipe (Inflow & Outflow) according to the dimension of your Aquarium Tank and Hose diameter of the cannister filter.