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About Archaea International Corporation:
Founded in July, 2004 by George Lo and Steven Lo, Archaea Int'l Corp. is an international trading company located in San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in importing high quality aquarium goods that are functionally innovative, user friendly, and aesthetically well designed.

Archaea International Corporation is not only a direct importer of ADA (Aqua Design Amano) products, but also an authorized ADA distributor in North America region. Our goal is to continuously bring in the “Newest” and the “Most Advance” products available for US customers at a very competitive pricing while providing highest standard customer service.

About Aqua Forest Aquarium:
AFA (Aqua Forest Aquarium) is a unique retail aquarium store owned by Archaea Int'l Corp.

AFA is the first aquarium store in US dedicated to Nature Aquarium Style concept. We have the largest selection of aquatic plants in the San Francisco Bay Area, excellent selection of fresh water tropical fish, and carries full line aquarium supplies. Whether or not you are a hobbyist, come visit our store to enjoy yourself with our 6 nature aquarium display tanks and discover the limitless world of Nature Aquarium.

Our Philosophy:
Our ultimate goal is to constantly improving our selections of highest quality aquarium dry goods, live stocks, and offer to our valuable customer at the most competitive and reasonable price.

With over 10 years of knowledge & expertise in aquascaping field, we ensure that all our custom set up aquariums are build to meet your highest standard of demand and taste.

Our core values are total customer satisfaction, sincerity, reliable and responsible.

AFA provides professional planted aquarium design, installation, and maintenance services for both business and residential home. No matter what location and size of the tank display area, we have the ability to transform this space into a three dimensional living art with total flexibility and adaptability.

Services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Aquarium consulting
  • Nature Aquarium Design and installation