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Sado-Akadama Stone (15 lbs per order)

SKU #: 106-824

Akadama stone from the island of Sado in Japan has been known as one of Japan's three famous stones - one of the other fabled types is known as the famous "bug-eaten rock" or Hakkai Stone.

Sado-Akadama stone comes from a special part of Sado island, where Mr. Takashi Amano composed a book about the island, labeling it "Japan's last wilderness." With special permission from the Japanese government, a limited quantity of this stone has been made available for the Nature Aquarium - and once supply in Japan runs out, it will never be harvested again.

Featuring red and yellow coloration, this stone gives a very raw and dramatic iwagumi or driftwood layout. You won't want to miss out on this one.

  • Very rare stone! Only limited Qty available!
  • Minimum Order Amount: 15 lbs ($4.99/lb)
  • This rock is inert and will not affect the water chemistry of your aquarium.

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