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Aqua Journal Vol. 151

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Aqua Journal Vol. 151 NATURE AQUARIUM LAB - Start with "Why?" Nature Aquarium is a marvelous hobby. Its artistic aspect as well as the scientific element stimulates our curiosity. Asking ourselves a question like, "Why is it not working?" or "How can I grow my aquatic plants more attractive?", is the first step to improve our skills. In this issue, we examine our whys and verify the conditions for a successful planted aquarium through a variety of experiments: "Why are different types of Aqua Soil used?", "Why is a NA lamp necessary?", "Why should CO2 be added?" and "Why......... etc.
  • Total # of page: 58
  • Format: 9"x12"
  • Language: Japanese
  • Issue Date: May, 2008

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