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Softenizer-50 (for 17mm filter hose)

SKU #: 102-313

As Softenizer intakes water from outflow tube of an external canister filter, you need to connect right size of adapter depending upon the diameter size of outflow tube. Be sure to check your tube size whether it is 13mm(1/2"), or 17mm(5/8") diameter when purchasing a Softenizer.
  • Softenizer Resin Packet x 1
  • Softenizer-Filter Pipe Adapter 17mm x 1
  • Softenizer-Filter Pipe On/Off Valve x 1
  • Softenizer 20 is recommended for less than 60cm aquarium tank, or for low water hardness level.
  • Softenizer 50 is recommended for 60-90cm aquarium tank, or for medium water hardness level.
  • Softenizer 300 is recommended for over 90cm aquarium tank, or for high water hardness level.

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