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NA Thermometer J-12WH (12mm) "Celcious Ver."

SKU #: 102-005

When it comes to keeping an aquarium, maintaining an environment with the optimal water temperature is an essential factor for all that lives within. ADA is now releasing a new type of thermometer, NA Thermometer, which clearly draws the line against the conventional gauges. You will find an exquisite beauty of the simplicity in its form and design. This glass-made thermometer has an elegant slender body and the hang-on type design which allows you to place it directly along a wall of an aquarium tank. NA Thermometer wont disturb a beautiful scene of your Nature Aquarium.
  • *Important Note: This ADA NA Thermomether features temperature scale in "Celsius" Only.
  • Actual Length: 7"
  • For Aquarium Tank with Glass Thickness of: 12mm or Thinner
  • Price: $17.99

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