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Music Glass 20D

SKU #: 140-115

CO2 Music Glass is a glass CO2 diffuser that diffuses CO2 efficiently in water. Its simple design adds a delightful look to an aquarium. Please select the right size for your aquarium tank.

*CO2 Music Glass is to be placed in the middle height of the aquariumtank. For accurate CO2 supply, we recommand the use of CO2 Music Counter.

  • 10mm. for Mini (36cm or under) aquarium.
  • 15mm. for 45-60cm standard aquarium.
  • 20mm. for 60-75cm standard aquarium.
  • 30mm. for 90cm standard aquarium.
  • 40mm. for 120cm standard aquarium.
  • 50mm. for larger aquariums.

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